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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sabata - Color Press Photos

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  1. Cool pictures! I saw Sabata first run on the big screen. But it ran AFTER Barquero & El Condor. If I remember correctly Sabata was released in September of 1970 which was AFTER Barquero & El Condor. But Sabata was shot before those two. It was shot in Spain & Italy. Some of the outdoor footage was also shot in Italy. I remember Tom Betts posting about that but I can't remember what scene(s). Sergio Donti claims in one interview Lee Van Cleef was very afraid of horses but he sure doesn't show it in his films. Also it is odd that Lee did so many western movies & TV shows if he had a big fear of horses. Sergio Sollima talked about how they had to shoot a scene over & over in Big Gundown because the horse kept getting sexually aroused when the young widow lady at the ranch would run out begging Lee not to leave her after he shot & killed all her hired men & Lee rides off through the mud & leaves her behind. They finally got the shot done but almost had to wait until the next day as they were about to loose their sunlight. I would imagine Lee got tired of having to mount the horse & begin to ride off as the lady ran out the front door over & over & over. Sollima also said if they hadn't got the shot done that day it would have run up the costs of the film which would have upset producer Alberto Grimaldi who also produced "Sabata". I remember Lee saying in an interview that sometimes he got the feeling just a little that some of the people on the various sets over in Europe may have been watching for him to fall off a horse but that he never did.