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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Location: Cortijo Sotillo - Farrow Farm

One of the most recognizable Spaghetti Western locations in Spain is that of Cortijo Sotillo in San Jose.  This structure was of course featured in the first shot of Fistful of Dollars and featured prominently in a few scenes both exterior and interior.

Opening of Fistful of Dollars

While it's most famous appearance is well known, LVC fans also know it from an appearance in Day of Anger.  Once again the exterior and interior are featured.



Today Cortijo Sotillo is a hotel (yes I have stayed there!).  The familiar main structure is now the restaurant and bar.  While the building has been restored, it still retains it's original look.

the familiar interior

Lee Van Cleef display near the lobby

 Entrance view

Yes, Lee and I share a parking spot... 45 years apart


  1. And you have got a different mount with more horsepower! What a brilliant place, I really love the interior with the built-in shelves. Very cool!

  2. Fantastic pictures Aaron. Yep you & Lee are using the same parking space. The mountains in the background are beautiful & of course look exactly the same 45 years later & they would if it were 45 millions years earlier unless the last ice age put some of the features on them we see today.

    I've noticed in recent years from pictures I've seen, that power lines, towers (cell phones?) & street lights have been added plus parking lots so it would be difficult to use some of the famous locations for a western today.

    Sergio Sollima said they filmed the scene at the widow's ranch where Tomas Millian fights the bull 60 miles NORTH of Almeria. They had a lot of trouble with Lee's horse & almost didn't get the scene printed before they lost their sunlight. Solliman said he didn't want to tell Alberto Grimaldi in Rome they didn't stay on schedule as he was not interested in any costs running over. The widow's men are almost a who's who for support players in Italian westerns.

    As far as I know, the first western Lee did after 1965 that was shot entirely in Spain was El Condor. Spain is such an interesting place. I love shots where one can see the mountains. Such as the opening of "For A Few Dollars More". They seem to go forever.

  3. Ahh, I love this! Were the accommodations pretty nice? It sure looks beautiful.
    I'd like to say a few nights there.

    1. Alanna,
      It was a fantastic place, and very affordable too. I'll be going back!


  4. Also parts of Johnny Yuma with Mark Damon were filmed here.