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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Location: Torre de los Alumbres - Indio's Hideout Exterior

Best known as the exterior location or Indio's hideout in For a Few Dollars More, Torre de los Alumbres, much like the Castillo de San Felipe is located near the coastline.  It is also in a state or ruin, similar to Cortijo Del Fraile.  Both have protected status, but neither have had any type of work done to preserve them.

The Torre de los Alumbres was built in 1510 to protect Rodalquilar from Berber pirates who frequently made incursions along this coast to acquire water, minerals and people to sell as slaves. In 1520 it failed to repel a pirate attack and many of the inhabitants of Rodalquilar were captured and enslaved.  It was abandoned in 1590.

I am under the impression that the bell tower was something constructed for the film.

Groggy and his men arrive

riding out to El Paso 
Leone would use this location again for Duck You Sucker!, even adding a tower, only to promptly blow it up.
The actual interior of Indio's hideout was shot in a church in Turillas.  I didn't make it there on this trip!  Below are some additional photos, including the interior.  Click to enlarge.


  1. Were you concerned at all about any part of the structure collapsing when you went inside for these pictures Aaron?
    I kind of wonder if the movie production crews may have contributed, in some small way, to the condition of the structure.
    Fascinating pictures though!

  2. I think you are right about the bell tower. It probably was not part of the structure. I've seen pictures of the church were the interiors were shot on the net. It's been restored & if I remember correctly, they have services there now.

    I was reading a book on Charles Bronson & several of the westerns in which he appeared in the late 60's & early 70's were also shot in Almeria, Spain. Bronson turned down Leone twice & was quoted as saying when Leone offered him "Once Upon a Time in the West", he took it as he had noticed the parts he had turned down were in films that did very well around the world so he decided not to make the mistake 3 times. It didn't say which parts he turned down but I think they were parts Lee got in the two Leone films he did. Henry Fonda turned them down too. Clint Eastwood also mentions on the extra DVD for For a Few Dollars More that Leone wanted Henry Fonda for Lee Van Cleef's part but couldn't get Fonda. I've read Henry Fonda was one of Leone's favorite actors. When Lee was invited to come to Leone's hotel room in LA to talk about the job in For A Few Dollars More, Leone saw him coming out of the window dressed in a rain coat, western hat & boots. Leone said he looked fantastic & told his associate "give him the money. I don't want to talk to him. I may change my mind if i do".

  3. Also used in Duck You Sucker where Coburn blows up the building. A tower was added to the side of the building to give it a different look.