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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Where are the LVC Euro-Crime Movies?

While much of LVC's work in the 1970's was that of the (fading) spaghetti western, he did make a handful of European Crime genre films.  These films are increasingly hard to find today, which is a shame.

First let's take a look at which films I am talking about.  Click on the links to learn a bit more about each film. 

Some may also lump The Squeeze in with these, but as it was shot mostly in New York, I don't count it.

We are now ready to move onto availability of these films.

Mean Frank and Crazy Tony

Mean Frank and Crazy Tony was released on VHS in the mid-80's as part of Sybil Dannings Adventures Video line (which also include The Killing Machine). 

The film a a cheesy introduction by the scantly clad Sybil Danning who also shows up after the movie is over.

As far as I know this is the only way to get the complete version of the film.  Copies come up from time to time on eBay.  There is one on Amazon marketplace right now for $25.00. 

The film is also available on DVD in a highly cut version called Escape From Death Row.  This originally released in the early 1980's no-doubt to cash in on the success of Escape from New York. 

This version clocks in at 76 minutes, which cuts out over 20 minutes of footage. 

I know the $1 price you can find it for is appealing, but do yourself a favor and avoid the cut version at all costs!

I know there are bootleg sources where you can find Mean Frank and Crazy Tony on DVD, but I have not sourced one yet.

The Perfect Killer

This one seems to be the hardest to get.  I can find no trace of it on DVD (despite one 9 film LVC DVD megaset claiming to have it, I ended up with two episodes of The Master instead).

This film was released on VHS under it's original title as well as The Satanic Mechanic (no idea where that title came from!)


The Hard Way

Finally a legitimate DVD release! (in the UK anyway). 

This was released in 2009, and the DVD includes a trailer and stills.  It's doubtful this will see a US release so you might as well get the UK version (and hack your DVD player if you are in the US)

You can get it from Amazon here
The Hard Way (1979) [PAL Region 2 Import]

Happy hunting!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Bad Man's River - Candid and Rare Photos

Never seen these before!  Click to enlarge!






Saturday, October 14, 2017

Saturday, October 7, 2017