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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Location: Cortijo Sotillo - Day of Anger Ring

While staying at Hotel Cortijo Sotillo, beyond the obvious exterior and interior of the main building, there was also this ring in the back of the property which was used when LVC was captured and dragged behind 3 bandits.

Like the rest of the property the ring has been restored.  I am not sure of it's actual real world purpose now.  The below comparison wide shot will show you how much the area has changed in the past 45 years.

Panoramic - Click to ENLARGE!
opposite side - the hill

Talby gives another lesson


  1. Do you know what it was built for? These rings always had me wondering....

  2. Did they have any pictures of Guiliano Gemma at the hotel there? It was a shock when I read he was killed in a car accident north of Rome recently. When Day of Anger was released in the U. S., I was expecting Lee to have top billing. He had the big billing on the posters & marque on the theater where I saw the film in 1969 first run. But to my surprise when the film came on, Gemma was billied ahead of Lee. I had to check into that & a couple days later I was able to reach the American office of National General who released the film in the U. S. They told me they purchased the rights to the film for an English language released but it was actually an Italian/Spanish/German film which made it debut in Italy in the Italian language & Gemma was a huge star in Italy & that was why on the actual credits on the film he is billed first. But the fact Gemma is not known in the U.S. they decided to promote ONLY Lee in the promotional material for the film.

    Maggie. I figure they used those circles to thresh grain by having oxen or bulls walk around in a circle on top of it. I could be wrong. In the Old Testament one of the Jewish laws is not to muzzle the ox while threshing. But at McDonald's here in the U. S., the cooks can 't eat while cooking:-)