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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Candid Photos of the 1980's

Below are some miscellaneous candids of LVC from the 1980's.  Click to enlarge!

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Location: Tabernas - El Condor Finale

Part 4 of 4

For the last location post, we look at the actual finale sequence of El Condor, where Luke shoots Jaroo in the courtyard of the fortress.

 "What am I doing here?"

The last gold at El Condor (1969 vs 2015)

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Soundtrack Release - Stranger & Gunfighter

Just released by Beat Records in Italy, The Stranger & The Gunfighter (Là dove non batte il sole) makes it soundtrack debut.

Product information from Beat Records below-

We are pleased to release the OST by Carlo Savina for the Spaghetti Westerns ''The Stranger and the Gunfighter'' (original title: ''Là dove non batte il sole'')and ''An Animal Called Man'' (original title: ''Un animale chiamato uomo'')for the absolute first time on CD, in complete edition. 
Carlo Savina wrote an enjoyable OST lasting 40:08 minutes, dominated by three main themes. One is a vibrant orchestral motif in Western-style beat for the character of Dakota, the mature gunslinger played by Lee Van Cleef. It is introduced in the opening credits (Tr.1) and reprised in Tr.10, Tr.13, Tr.21. The second is an oriental style theme for the character of young Wong-Kiang (Lo) with sounds which are sometimes dramatic and heroic (Tr.2, Tr.6, Tr.7, Tr.8, Tr.15). And finally a pleasant love theme for Wong-Kiang and the beautiful Lia-Kua, where the wonderful voice of Edda Dell'Orso (Tr.9, Tr.12) chimes in. There is also no shortage of lounge music like a pop bossa (Tr.3), action music (Tr.19) and the guaranteed saloon pieces (Tr.11, Tr.18). For this recovery and preservation, the stereo master tapes from the original recording session were used. 

01. LÀ DOVE NON BATTE IL SOLE (Titoli) 1:39
02. LÀ DOVE NON BATTE IL SOLE (Mistero orientale) 2:24
03. LÀ DOVE NON BATTE IL SOLE (Bossa nel Far West) 1:29
04. LÀ DOVE NON BATTE IL SOLE (Momento struggente) 1:13
05. LÀ DOVE NON BATTE IL SOLE (Atmosfera mediterranea) 1:12
06. LÀ DOVE NON BATTE IL SOLE (Come in un sogno) 1:25
07. LÀ DOVE NON BATTE IL SOLE (Sacro e solenne) 2:09
08. LÀ DOVE NON BATTE IL SOLE (Ho Chiang) 3:42
09. LÀ DOVE NON BATTE IL SOLE (Tema d'amore in Pop) 3:01
10. LÀ DOVE NON BATTE IL SOLE (Lo straniero e il pistolero) 1:37
11. LÀ DOVE NON BATTE IL SOLE (Saloon piano) 1:21
12. LÀ DOVE NON BATTE IL SOLE (Attimi d'amore) 1:08
13. LÀ DOVE NON BATTE IL SOLE (Due strani eroi) 1:08
14. LÀ DOVE NON BATTE IL SOLE (Nuove avventure) 1:18
15. LÀ DOVE NON BATTE IL SOLE (Sfida mortale) 3:02
16. LÀ DOVE NON BATTE IL SOLE (Bossa nel West 2) 1:45
17. LÀ DOVE NON BATTE IL SOLE (Momento struggente 2) 1:11
18. LÀ DOVE NON BATTE IL SOLE (Saloon orchestrina) 1:29
19. LÀ DOVE NON BATTE IL SOLE (Pallottole e Karate) 4:03
20. LÀ DOVE NON BATTE IL SOLE (Chitarra al tramonto) 0:31
21. LÀ DOVE NON BATTE IL SOLE (Ultima sfida e finale) 2:29


Saturday, December 1, 2018

Location: Tabernas - El Condor Fortress - Interior

Part 3 of 4

After checking out the exterior and courtyard, it was time to venture into the most recognizable building of the El Condor set; Chavez's Quarters.  This interior was part of the location set, and featured the downstairs office with fireplace that led to the "gold", as well as the upstairs bedroom know for Marianna Hill's infamous striptease.

Chavez's Quarters

I carefully checked out the bottom floor in 2015, and it was in complete ruin after 45 years.  Much of the set was very recognizable, but had been modified numerous times over the years for subsequent productions that took place at this location.  I did not attempt to go upstairs as it looked like the floor was about to collapse.

Some comparisons below-

 Jaroo enters from outside

 Chavez tells Jaroo where the gold is

 The staircase to the bedroom

Opposite side of the fireplace; the entrance to the gold cave

Pictures of the bottom floor as it appears now.  Click to enlarge.

Although I could not get to the upstairs, here is a comparison shot of the outside window where the infamous striptease appeared.

The fireplace as it appeared in A Reason to Live, A Reason to Die (1972)