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Saturday, January 30, 2016

New Soundtrack Releases

This week there were 2 new LVC soundtrack remasters/expansions announced; Riz Ortolani's Day of Anger (limited to 500 units) and Jerry Goldsmith's Take a Hard Ride (limited to 2000 units).

Press releases and track lists below-

PENTA MUSIC proudly presents the complete film score composed and conducted by Riz Ortolani for the classic Western Day of Anger (I giorni dell'ira), directed in 1967 by Tonino Valerii and starring Giuliano Gemma and Lee Van Cleef. Maestro Ortolani composed a wild orchestral score dominated by an epic main theme where electric guitars nod to pop music. In addition to the mono album program that was released in Italy at the time, we have included the entire recording in full stereo. Come spend an hour and eighteen minutes in the company of one of the titans of film music.  Order here
Limited to 500 units. 12-page booklet with liner notes by Laurence Staig. 
Tracks list 
The Original Italian Album (Mono)
1. I GIORNI DELL'IRA 2:49     
6. I GIORNI DELL'IRA (# 2) 1:18
9. UNA NOTTE SERENA (# 2) 3:40
10. UN UOMO FORTE 2:27
11. FINO ALL'ULTIMO COLPO (# 3) 1:22

The Complete Film Score (Stereo)

12. I GIORNI DELL'IRA (# 3 original main titles) 3:06
13. UNA NOTTE SERENA (# 3) 2:47
14. L'ARMA DEL KILLER (# 2) 1:27
15. I GIORNI DELL'IRA (# 4 saloon) 1:42
16. I GIORNI DELL'IRA (# 5) 1:44
17. VIOLENZA, ODIO (# 2) 1:24
18. FINO ALL'ULTIMO COLPO (# 4) 2:52
19. I GIORNI DELL'IRA (# 6) 1:18
20. I GIORNI DELL'IRA (# 7) 1:18
21. I GIORNI DELL'IRA (# 8 saloon) 1:17
22. VIOLENZA, ODIO (# 3) 1:12
23. UNA NOTTE SERENA (# 4) 1:34
24. SENZA PIETA' (# 2) 1:16
25. UN UOMO FORTE (# 2) 2:25
26. VIOLENZA, ODIO (# 4) 0:49
27. FINO ALL'ULTIMO COLPO (# 5) 2:58
29. UNA NOTTE SERENA (# 5 harmonica) 1:19
30. I GIORNI DELL'IRA (# 10) 1:21
31. VIOLENZA, ODIO (# 5) 1:36
32. FINO ALL'ULTIMO COLPO (# 6) 1:22
33. UNA NOTTE SERENA (# 6) 2:50
34. L'ARMA DEL KILLER (# 3) 1:44
35. UNA NOTTE SERENA (# 7 harmonica) 1:13
36. I GIORNI DELL'IRA (# 11) 1:47
37. I GIORNI DELL'IRA (# 12) 1:53
38. UNA NOTTE SERENA (# 8) 1:46
39. I GIORNI DELL'IRA (# 13) 1:00
40. I GIORNI DELL'IRA (# 14 demo song) 2:08

Total Running Time: 78:16


Music by Jerry Goldsmith
Limited Edition of 2000 Units


ORDER at www.lalalandrecords.com on JAN 26 starting at 12noon (PST)

La-La Land Records, 20th Century Fox and Fox Music present the remastered original motion picture score to the 1975 Twentieth Century Fox feature western TAKE A HARD RIDE, starring Jim Brown, Lee Van Cleef and Fred Willamson, and directed by Anthony M. Dawson (aka Antonio Margheriti). Long out of print, this dynamic western score from legendary composer Jerry Goldsmith (RIO LOBO, PATTON, THE OMEN, BASIC INSTINCT) returns to CD sounding better than ever, with a track listing featuring the original cue titles. Produced by Nick Redman, newly mixed by Mike Matessino and mastered by Daniel Hersch from original vault elements, this special release is limited to 2000 units and features all new, exclusive liner notes by writer Julie Kirgo, as well as exciting new art design by Jim Titus. An exhilarating mix of iconic orchestral western motifs and modernist electronica, this is classic Goldsmith that is a must-have for all film music enthusiasts.


1.  After You (1:47)
2.  Main Title (2:17)
3.  My Word (1:39)
4.  Hey Boy (1:15)
5.  Run For Cover (2:10)
6.  Move Over (2:10)
7.  Friendly Enemies (2:10)
8. Two Gentlemen (2:37)
9. Hunters Harmonica (1:07)
10. A Sad Story (1:30)
11. Over The Bridge (2:48)
12. Fallen Bridge (1:44)
13. Cliff Dwelling Battle (5:57)
14. We Made It (1:09)
15. Nowhere To Go (1:40)
16. A Good Walk (1:21)
17. Shaky Sheriff (2:16)
18. Down The Hatch (1:06)
19. A Second Chance (2:08)
20. The Work Camp (2:17)
21. Over The Hill (2:26)
22. End Credits (1:54) 
Total Running Time: 45:27

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Location: Tabernas - "Revenge is a Dish..."

Once again, the desert of Tabernas is highly used in Death Rides a Horse.  The particular scene we are comparing in this entry is that of Ryan (Lee Van Cleef) and Bill's (John Phillip Law) encounter after a cat and mouse like chase through the desert.

 Bill rides through the desert

Ryan is waiting

 Bill approaches Ryan

Bill offers an alliance

Ryan declines... "Revenge is a dish that has to be eaten cold"

Saturday, January 16, 2016

GBU50: Rare Photos - Meeting Stevens

This is part 1 of a 6 part series of a rare The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly photo series.  These rarely seen photos are originally from the collection of Edoardo Ezio Pizzi, the man who handled all publicity and press relations for Unidis and Jolly Films.

Click to enlarge!






Saturday, January 9, 2016

Location: Tabernas - Bowie Saloon

One of my favorite locations from my first trip to Spain was that of the Agua Caliente Tavern from For a Few Dollars More.  At the time I didn't realize that it was also the Bowie Bar in Day of Anger.   The photos below are from my return trip to the location.
Like many locations in Spaghetti Westerns, this was a pre-existing location not built for any one film.  Today it is in ruins, it's roof collapsed and the walls beginning to crumble.  Vegetation from the desert has also began to take over.  Even as nature retakes this location, much of it can still be recognized from Day of Anger.

Talby enters the bar

 note collapsed roof to the right

 Wild Jack enters

 with the door missing, the roadway is only a few feet outside

collapsed roof
Below is a comparison between when the movie was shot, my first visit in 2013, and my next visit 18 months later in 2015. 
Additional location photos below.  Click to enlarge!



Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year, and a look ahead at 2016!

Happy New Year!

The LVC Blog will continue with weekly Saturday updates throughout the year.  Truth be told there are already enough entries written and scheduled to take us into mid-2017, but I am sure there will be new things to report as the year progresses!

Here is a tease on what is to come in 2016....

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly: 50th Anniversary

We will continue to celebrate Sergio Leone's masterpiece throughout the upcoming year.  There will be a special section devoted to it on the website in the spring.  Things will get kicked off with a special 6 part blog series featuring some rarely seen photos!  ...as teased below...

Continued Location Reports

2015 was another great year of Spanish travel, and with the new reports just starting in November of 2015, there are still 20 location reports that will be published bi-weekly in 2016


Continued Blu-ray Updates

With 2015 bringing us 7 brand new LVC blu-rays, no doubt 2016 will continue with fresh HD material, which will be updated and reviewed here.

Happy New Year!