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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Who or What is "Little Lee"?

I've gotten a few questions over the years as to what the signifigance of, and who drew the LVC caricuture that is on the logos for theBad.net, Web Board, and Blog.  Obviously it is a drawing of LVC from the final shootout in The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.  If you don't know that you shouldn't be here!

There is more to it than that of course.  "Little Lee" was actually drawn by Lee Van Cleef himself on a 3x5 autographed index card!


  1. Maybe Lee had his inspiration for that drawing from the one they did for Alfred Hitchcock that was used at the beginning of his TV show. It's shows that Lee had an artistic talent with it's simple economy.

  2. When I saw "Little Lee," I thought it might be his wife's nickname for a certain part of his anatomy. Elvis called his "Little Elvis."

  3. I just want to let you know I am enjoying this blog....don't make lots of comments. Thanks for the insight on "little Lee"....