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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Grand Duel Trailer

aka - "The Big Showdown"

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  1. Very good. It's a small budget film even for an Italian Western but it's one of Lee's best. And I always thought the music was really good. I've noticed on the SW website that many people enjoy playing the music on their stereo/entertainment system.

    Also if what I've read over the years is correct, this is one of the few SW's that was shot entirely in Italy! Usually most outside shots were done in Spain. El Condor, Captain Apache & Bad Man's River were shot entirely in Spain and nothing in Italy. Of course Lee's last two so-called SW's were shot entirely in Israel.

    And finally, I remember reading about the movie going into production in Variety. They shot it not long after Lee finished The Magnificent Seven Ride in California. When the move was being shot, according to Variety, it was called "SHOWDOWN AT HIGH NOON".