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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Escape From New York - Color Press Photos

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  1. Apparently Lee Van Cleef did much of the contacting & leg work to get roles in the U. S. productions "The Octagon" and "Escape From New York". According to the "extra" section of The Octagon DVD release I bought new just a few years ago, Lee contacted the people who were going to shoot the Octagon and the director called Lee on the phone and after speaking with Lee, decided to hire him ON THE SPOT to be in the film. He said Lee had decided to return from working in Europe & wanted to fine some work in U. S. films. The director said Lee always showed up on time, knew his lines and his marks and was very professional. He worked like the pro and seasoned veteran he was!

    John Carpenter said his casting director told him Lee Van Cleef was looking for roles in U. S. production and she said "do you remember how cool Lee was in those Italian Westerns and on all those TV shows years ago?" Carpenter said " I do". Carpenter said he called Lee Van Cleef and Lee invited him out to his house for dinner and he went and Lee WAS cool and he hired him that night for Escape From New York. Kurt Russell was delighted and excited with the news and decided to do a Clint Eastwood style voice in the film because Lee was in it.