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Friday, August 24, 2012

LVC Streaming Movies on Netflix

Those of you with a Netflix subscription can view a number of LVC films as part of your subscription. 

The lineup changes from time to time, but below is what is currently available.

Death Rides a Horse (Widescreen)

 This is a great way to catch some LVC films you may have missed!


  1. Netflix is where I finally saw Machete. That was one of TWO LVC films I had never been able to catch over the many years I've been a fan. The other is White Lightening & it's still elusive to me. I do know it is about an ice hockey team.

    China Gate I first saw on TV back in the mid 60's. Was surprised with the romantic scene between Lee and Angie Dickinson. Badge of Marshall Brennan I caught on TV in the early 70's the first time. Was delighted that Lee had fourth billing and a large role. One of several films which saw Lee working with the film's star Jim Davis.

    Accused of Murder I saw on the old network that use to be owned by the 700 Club (Pat Robertson). When Pat wasn't on TV supposedly receiving visions from the Lord about people in the viewing audience with certain medical, financial & personal problems, they showed lot's of old western movies and TV shows. I got a kick out of Lee's part in the film. He plays a good guy cop/detective who's name is Sgt. Lackey!! I a just watched Lee in an episode of the Lone Ranger (The brown pony) on this network in Dec 1989 when a friend called and said "Have you seen the morning paper?" Me: "no". Friend: "Lee Van Cleef died last night". I was stunned to say the least. Then I thought about how I was just watching Lee on TV and did not know that he had died just hours before that episode aired.

    I first saw "The Big Combo" on a local TV station in my hometown called "The Early Show" (yes they also had 'The Late Show') back before I was old enough to drive a car legally. It must have been about 1960. Dudley Townsend who was the host talked about Cornel Wilde, Richard Conte, etc and all of them were well known stars in that day and especially in the 50's and late 40's and I can still remember being very pleased and surprised when I saw Lee Van Cleef's name in the credits. In 1960 I didn't have but a limited list of Lee's film work and nothing about his TV work except what I had noticed in TV Guide or just by accident on TV.

    Bandits of Corsica I noticed on an independent TV station in my area when Raymond Burr was starring in Ironsides. They promoted the film for a few days prior as "The man who was Perry Mason and Ironsides stars this Friday night at 8" I already knew Lee was in it but was surprised at the larger part he had. Burr played Lee's uncle and crime boss and trusted second in charge. When the film started I noticed it actually starred Richard Green. I recenlty watched this film on HuLu but not sure it's still there.

    Kansas City Confidential I saw first on TV in the mid 60's and now have a great DVD copy of it & I enjoy seeing it once every few months. Shot in 1952 and one of Lee's early films. What is it..his third? And Lee has a large role. I'm sure Edward Small didn't know it at the time, but he had cast three men who were just getting started in the film business in the very late 40's & early 50's who suddenly were noted for being one of the best heavies in film and on TV. And he got all three in ONE film. Lee Van Cleef, Jack Elam and Neville Brand.