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Thursday, August 16, 2012

For a Few Dollars More - LVC Pipe Replica Available


On the legendary LEE VAN CLEEF Pipe :  
The original pipe was smoked by Lee Vane Cleef ,also known as The Angel Eye in the movie "For a few dollars more". It was a meerschaum pipe made by WDC meerschaum pipes of Vienna. It's stem was a Lucite stem in the movie and it was a replace stem since the original stems of WDC pipes were made of amber.  
We are providing you Lee Van Cleef pipe as close as it can be made.Our Carver İzzet has been carving Lee Van Cleef pipes for many years to the people who reach him knowing his skills.We are now bringing it to you ..  
Your Lee Van Cleed pipe is carved out of strictly selected Sarısu meerschaum blocks, which are literally the highest quality meerschaum blocks in the world , also used by greatest Austrian Meerschaum Brands in 19th century and earlier ,gathered from Sarısu village in Eskişehir.Real meerschaum pipe providers use only Sarısu meerschaum blocks which are also described as the highest grade,highest quality or finest quality.. Happy Smokes to All.. Yavuz Korpefiliz Ceo / Storient Meerschaums
Total cost of $148


  1. Very nice, Aaron. Matches my info (obtained from Italian who made pipes-to-order for LVC). DCG.

  2. I purchased this ...Many thanks to Storient.

    Arno Vogt

  3. Our Storient LVC replicas pipes arrived last week.Awesome replicas of the one in the movie..I am glad that LVC smoked the same pipe.
    I sometimes find my self repeating Lee Van Cleef's famous sentence : "This train will stop at Trumcari" ;)

    Roberta & Georgio

  4. thats a lovely pipe thanks for informing us..
    I will order one those replicas from Storients web page this week.

    Steven DOWNEY

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  6. I just received my Storient lee van cleef pipe ..
    it is excellent. I am a bad guy

  7. OMG !!!! You guys should check the replica at www.leevancleefpipe.com

    Ordered one !!

  8. I think Lee Van Cleef is one of the best actors in the world.
    His performance in the movie was just fantastic
    I have one from leevancleefpipe.com too
    Good smoker ..a decent pipe.
    love that film,love that pipe
    T. Eric Robert

  9. the great Lee, I think the REAL face of the Leone films, used in the second film in the trilogy of the dollar, a pipe, do not know if produced in Vienna or the Isle of Mann, but certainly of African calcined meerschaum

  10. Where can I order this pipe? I would like to get one as a gift for my husband.

  11. yes thats a legendary pipe. I too got mine from leevancleefpipe.com approximately 5 months ago and it looks just as seen in the movie scene. I sometimes find my self opening that movie on you tube while smoking.I am planning to give it to my son in the future which is like a family tradition of ours. I am also going to buy briar pipes of lee van cleef too and make a full collectionç

    1. he smoked a Wellington either by WDC or Peterson. I already have a very smilar pete in my collection amigo.

  12. thats the wdc one http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_cIdKb8fftY0/R8HXxzG4r-I/AAAAAAAAApo/VHBRMh_fQyI/s1600-h/wellington.jpg