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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

LVC on the Mind

I'm in Vegas right now. What does this remind me of?  Maybe I need a break from this blog already!


  1. Hey Aaron! This blog is great. Hope you keep it up. I've just been getting the PEE worked out of me at my job. So I've been too tired to get online much lately when I get home. I'm 64 years old and working with men in their 30's who are leaving tired and complaining about the hours and the heavy things we occasionally have to lift so at my age, it can be really hard somedays but I'm trying to make it to 66 so I can get full Social Security and stil work as much as I want. Then I'll be rich!!:-) Oh I'm planning on flying out to San Francisco to see Big Combo and Guns, Girls and Gangsters on the big screen at the old Roxie theater. I'm sure Mamie Van Doren will FILL OUT THAT WIDE SCREEN FROM ONE SIDE TO THE OTHER!! Yummy!!. I'm eating Advil right now like it's M&M's because my arms, chest and legs get sore from those heavy chutes and the climbing up and down I do all day. I like going up and down but 14 hours a day is a bit much!!. My arms and chest look like Lee did when he was in shape but at my age, it makes them HURT!! But this is a great blog and I'm enjoying the hell out of it!! I've been a Lee Van Cleef fan since about 1954 when I began to notice him and became curious about who is was from TV westerns I would see on Saturday morning. Back then on one of the local TV stations, they would show The Lone Ranger, Cisco Kid, Kit Carson, Sky King, Fury, Range Rider & Gene Autry back to back to back on Saturday morning. Also on another channel I saw Space Patrol. I began to notice Lee from time to time then I would notice him here and there at night on some of the shows my parents would watch in the 1950's. I clearly remember Lee being on Medic when it was new with Richard Boone. Finally I got to see Lee in a movie when I noticed Lee was listed as one of the actors in this new film called "It Conquered the World" in 1956. I didn't start driving until 1963 so I begged and fussed until my mom and dad caved in and took me to see "It Conquered the World" when it was a first run film!! So I'm delighted that you do all of this for me and other LVC fans.

    Well when I get to the Roxie in San Francisco, I hope nobody wants to check and see what kind of underpants I'm wearing like this guy did in the men's room at a theater in my hometown when I was there in 1962 to see Steve McQueen in the War Lover. I may not be that interesting to those old gay guys now but I was just looking at a picture of myself at age 15 and I haven't changed much at all!!!

    1. Glad you enjoy the blog, Bob! I love reading your comments about seeing the films first hand when they were released!