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Saturday, May 5, 2012

"The Simpsons" LVC Spoof

Here is your chance to check out an animated LVC! 

This is a clip from "The Simpsons" episode 911 “All Singing, All Dancing”  (1/4/1998)


  1. I like it! It was good that they spoofed Paint Your Wagon with Clint as the Man With No Name & gave Lee (The Colonel) Van Cleef a part too. Notice that Lee's lines are delivered the way Lee would have done it. That could be Clint's voice but then it sounds like someone trying to sound like Clint. But Johnny Carson dubbed his own voice for The Simpsons.

    Remember reading that Lee was anxious to sing in a film after his friends Lee Marvin & Clint Eastwood sang in Paint Your Wagon. Lee said something like "if Lee Marvin and Clint can sing in a film, then way can't I do it too. So I got to sing in Captain Apache". To me neither film is good but it didn't have anything to do with Clint or Lee's singing. Clint said Paint Your Wagon was his first flop after becoming a leading man via Sergio Leone. Never read Lee saying that about Captain Apache but to me it was Lee's first "flop" so to speak after he became a star in Europe via For A Few Dollars More. From For A Few Dollars More to El Condor, Lee was on a roll. Not a bad film in the bunch even though I liked some more than others.

  2. I think it's a good, fond and harmless parody. ;)