Welcome to theBad.net Lee Van Cleef Blog! Here you will find information, photos, videos, and some of my opinions of the badman himself.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Welcome to theBad.net Lee Van Cleef Blog!

As the internet took off in the mid/late 90's, I decided to create a LVC web page called "Lee Van Cleef Forever", on an old AOL account. Through this site I started the Lee Van Cleef Web Board, for community interaction on the man himself. By 2005 the website became thebad.net, where it still exists to this day.

Admittedly, updates to theBad.net were few. Creating webpages and html, etc... is a pain in the ass, and time consuming. However, as the internet ivolves, so have I, and now I have embraced blogging! Much simpler than making/updating an entire site!

The point of this blog will be to showcase videos, photos, reviews, or just general thoughts on LVC. Much of this content comes from the LVC Web Board or elsewhere in cyberspace, but having it all here on the blog will make it easy to access for all to enjoy!

I hope you all enjoy this blog. I promise to keep up to date with it, even if it means only posting a photo every few days. I welcome contributions as well... this isn't "my blog", this is a blog for all fans of Lee Van Cleef!


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  1. This should be good. Maybe Alan Van Cleef will drop in from time to time. It was really interesting when Alan was posting on the web board. We learned much from him & a few times we have some info he didn't know.

    I do remember Alan saying the first time his dad took him to a theater to see his dad on the screen was back in the early 50's & they saw The Nebraskan.

    I've been all tied up over at the Paul Ford site & blog with Ford's impressive list of fans answering questions. Anyone seen "It's Never Too Late" with Ford starring?