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Friday, May 11, 2012

LVC in Speed Zone

Speed Zone (aka Cannonball Run III), was one of LVC's final performances, and also one of his most brief. 

As the movie is out of print, I am going to save everyone here a bit of money.  Below is a YouTube clip of the opening of the movie.

Lee's scenes are at 1:30 and 4:20 on the video below.  Probably less than a minute of screen time!


  1. Thanx, Aaron! This is one I've left at Lo Priority (for obvious reasons) many, many years now... Good to finally see it. ;)


  2. Lee's last movie? Or was it Thieves of Fortune? I'm of the opinion now that this is it. Shot in the fall of 1988 and once I read Lee's quick scene here was shot in Virginia. Lee's Variety obit lists "May The Best Man Win" being made before this film. Early 1988? Or was it shot in 1989. If it's 1988 then I guess the beer commercial shot in 1989 just weeks before we lost Lee was all he did in his last year with us.

    "May The Best Man Win" or as it was known when he came out in 1989; "Speed Zone" probably is Lee's last film. But his part is so tiny and the movie got terrible reviews and flopped at the box office and it had dozens of well known actors in it. Very odd ball.

    I'm in San Francisco this morning so I guess I will wear a dress and hi-heels when I go out today!

  3. Thanks Aaron! I too have never seen this before. I have no intention of acquiring the film but I have wanted to see LVC's scenes just for the heck of it.