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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

eBay Watch: Perfect Killer Belgian Poster

From time to time I will post interesting items that I see on eBay that would be of interest to a LVC fan.  These are not endorsements of the sellers, just merely my observations of interesting or rare items.

Here is a cool LVC poster on eBay ending on 5/10.  Lee is rockin' his 70's hairpiece!

The Perfect Killer Lee Van Cleef Very Rare VINTAGE ORIGINAL Belgian movie poster.   APROX SIZE 14 X 22 INCH - 40 X 60 CM  


  1. This film debuted in my area at the drive-inn. It wasn't as good as I hoped it would be but Lee was good, Barker was very nice to look at. John Ireland, who was a great actor, seemed to me to only be there for a paycheck. But Ireland didn't cuss out the director and storm off the set like Richard Boone did in the middle of God's Gun:-) I never saw that in Lee Van Cleef. Never saw Lee just going though the motions so he could get paid. Lee has admitted that he was in some "cheap films" over in Europe and sometimes just had to ignore the director and direct himself. Lee, being the nice guy he was, never mentioned which films. No matter if the film was great, good, average or bad, Lee Van Cleef always tried to do his job as well as he could. "When I'm paid, I always follow my job through":-)

  2. This movie is not as bad as it's been saying(being underrated is quite common in regard to Lee's movies). Lee looked very good and his character is quite charming and I'm not surprised that the pretty girl throwing herself at him as scripted, obviously the Europeans think he's a very attractive man not some stereotyped menacing villain according to Hollywood. Most Lee's characters are not necessarily villains at all, this one and His Frankie Dio in "Mean Frank and Crazy Tony". They are epitomes of deadly attractiveness. I apologize for focusing purely on his star/personal charisma not his acting talents ;)