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Saturday, February 7, 2015

LVC Soundtracks on Spotify

Did you know you can listen to many LVC soundtracks for free?  Thanks to Spotify you can.  Granted about every 3 songs will be subjected to a 30 second ad, or for $10 a month you can go ad free.  Being a long time soundtrack collector, I thought this was really cool!  Take a look (or listen?) at what is available now!

Complete Albums
  • The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (Morricone)
  • The Big Gundown (Morricone)
  • Sabata (Giombini)
  • Return of Sabata (Giombini)
  • Grand Duel (Bacalov)
  • Escape From New York (Carpenter)

Main Title Themes Only
  • Death Rides a Horse (Morricone)
  • Barquero (Frontiere)

Of course there are tons or other genre soundtracks available too.  Check out Spotify.com.  I promise you they are not paying me to advertise, I just like the LVC tunes!

1 comment:

  1. I still have my vinyl 33 1/3 rpm records of Good, Bad and Ugly, (cover just like the art work from movie), Big Gundown (says "Mr. Ugly is coming to town) and Day of Anger (with the U. S. artwork on cover) and they still sound good. Vinyl is making a minor comeback as some claim it sounds warmer than digital recordings. But you have to be careful with your records. If you don't they collect scratches and pops and when you listen then it sounds as if someone has danced on it.