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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Ricardo Palacios - Frequent LVC co-star

Ricardo Palacios, who sadly recently passed away, had the distinction of co-starring in the most films with Lee Van Cleef (with the possible exception of Romano Puppo)
Ricardo Palacios, born on March 2, 1940, was a Spanish actor, film director, and screenwriter. Born Ricardo López-Nuño Díez in Reinosa, Cantabria, Palacios graduated from the Official Film School in Madrid as an actor and director. He participated in about 150 films and television series, being mainly active in the spaghetti western genre.  In 1987, Palacios made his directorial debut with the comedy film ¡Biba la banda! starring Alfredo Landa, and in 1997 he directed the TV-series La banda de Pérez.  Ricardo died on February 11, 2015 due to heart failure.

Below are the films and roles Ricardo had with Lee Van Cleef between 1965 and 1975-

For a Few Dollars More
Tucumcari Saloon Keeper - Ricardo provides Col. Mortimer the location of Guy Calloway (in classic Leone style!)

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Bartender in Socorro - From the cut (and presumably lost) sequence.

Day of Anger
Bowie Cantina Owner - Ricardo serves Frank Talby a drink (LVC once again refuses it) and then fetches Wild Jack.

El Condor
Chief Bandit - After drinking with Jaroo, Ricardo and his men pursue and ambush Jaroo at his gold mine.  Jaroo shoots him.

Captain Apache
Sergeant - Ricardo greets Captain Apache upon his arrival.  Later he somehow manages to get buried alive, and once he is free, he shoots 4 time LVC co-star Jess Hahn.

Bad Man's River
Mexican Soldier - Ricardo only has a few scenes, and none with LVC.

Stranger and Gunfighter

Calico - Captures Dakota and then gives him an offscreen whipping. Later, once free, Dakota punches him multiple times as payback (featured in many of the film's publicity stills)

Take a Hard Ride

Calvera - Ricardo teams up with Kiefer to go after Pike's money.

Something to look out for-
Ricardo wore the exact same outfit in El Condor, Captain Apache, and The Stranger and The Gunfighter.  He may have worn it in some non-LVC westerns too!


  1. RIP Ricardo! This is a good time to review and remember the entertainment that he and Mr. Van Cleef gave us! It's time to get out a couple of these movies/DVD's and watch them tonight! RIP Lee Van Cleef!!!

  2. Nice job, Aaron... Hopefully Ricardo had as much fun making these films as it is for us to watch him perform! RIP, DCG.

  3. Looks like they made that outfit in Ricardo's size only.
    Thanks for this information, Aaron!