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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Return of Sabata Coming to Blu-ray! (Germany)

Explosive Media, who brought us FANTASTIC blu-ray releases of The Big Gundown, Death Rides a Horse, and Sabata, are now releasing another LVC classic in HD, The Return of Sabata

Yes, they are a non-US distributer, but their previous releases have all been compatible with US players.  While it does not appear to be an expansive 3 disc release like their previous sets, in addition to the film, the following extras will be included-
  • Booklet with rare artwork
  • Original theatrical trailer
  • Original radio spots
  • Extensive image gallery (total duration approx. 45 min.)
  • Additional alternative cover motif
Release date will me March 20th!

And if that was not enough, Adios Sabata is coming out as well on the same day!  Extras are as follows-
  • Booklet
  • Original theatrical trailer for all 3 Sabata films
  • Location comparisons then and now
  • Extensive image gallery (total duration approx. 45 min.)

Amazon.de link

For all the latest blu-ray release news I have created a page on the blog, that I will maintain as updates come in-

2015 Blu-ray Updates

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  1. Brilliant! Sales starting in March, just the thing for a belated Xmas pressie. Thanks for letting us know and waiting for more stuff to comefrom explosive media!