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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Bad Man's River - Color Press Photos (part 2)

A continuation from a previous post

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  1. This film was photographed beautifully. But somehow it just didn't work. I think it tried to be too many kinds of a film at the same time. I remember reading an interview with James Mason and he was embarrassed by it and hoped it would never come out in English but it did. It's been said that Mason didn't show up to dub his voice for the English release but I can't tell with certainty. It doesn't sound like him but sometimes it does?? Mason said he took it for the money. I watched it again a couple weeks ago on DVD and it's not as bad as I thought. Just watch it for Lee and to have fun with it and it's okay. But to me, all of those westerns shot in Spain in the early 1970's which Scotia International of England released were rushed or didn't have a good script. But they were able to get a lot of known talent besides Lee and James Mason. Telly Salavas, Robert Shaw, Chuck Connors and many other known Hollywood names including Carroll Baker and Stuart Whitman in Captain Apache worked in those films. But that line of films seem to be over by about 1972. Lee was in two but they did about five of them in a couple of year period.

  2. I know that many consider this movie to be... ehm... not exactly the bees knees, but I have to agree to BobO, it is photographed beautifully and it isn't quite as awful as it often is said the be. I first watched it when I still was a kid and it did work for me then, it was like a nice fairy tale with lots of potential for spinning on the thread in my head after having watched the movie. I re-watched it as a LVC fan and it also was fun, because I liked the way he played the character and it also looked as if he had had fun. I also always liked James Mason. I can see the flaws in the story, but in a way that has always been fine with me. But I suppose it can be a real downer if you have a very cool and in control Colonel Mortimer or Sabata in mind when watching it...

  3. Oh and I just forgot to say "What a handsome man!" and "Thanks for sharing!" :)