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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Many Video Covers of God's Gun

I believe the Golan-Globus epic, God's Gun is considered a public domain movie, which might explain why we constantly get the same shitty print, no matter how many releases there are out there.

Below are the many different video covers from God's Gun over the years.  You will notice that none of them feature an actual photo of LVC from the movie, although there are some very creative "photoshops" of Lee.

Behold... God's Gun...

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  1. Been away but back. Wow those are interesting. One, two and three are Good, Bad & Ugly. And the way they doctored the third one is really funny. It's the famous shot of Lee in Sad Hill Cemetery complete with the chin beard and dressed like a Priest. Four and Five are Sabata? That is what I think. Or Return of Sabata. Six is Death Rides A Horse except Lee is wearing the cloths of a Priest complete with a sparkling cross. That cross is big enough for Lee to be a Bishop or the Pope in Rome. You know as important as Tuco's brother!! Seven is Big Gundown and Eight is from The Master EXCEPT they put a farmer's hat on Lee and his hands are being held like God's Martial Arts Expert rather than God's Gun. Why not just use the opening scene from For A Few Dollars More where Lee is holding a big Bible on the train and the salesman says "Excuse me reverend but you're on the wrong train".

    The way they've treated God's Gun is just as tacky as the way these bottom feeders handle Mean Frank & Crazy Tony and Grand Duel. And indeed even when on DVD, it's a shitty print. Some old 16mm pan & scan scratchy print for television in 1980 with washed out color. Why put that on a DVD??? Because these people are playing you as a sucker & ripping you off!