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Monday, December 10, 2012

LVC is not in Crime Boss!!

"Do I look like Telly Savalas?"

Crime Boss is a movie released in the early/mid 1970's starring Telly Savalas.  At some point during it's theatrical run, it was paired with a LVC movie as a double feature. 

Since then it is often advertised as being a film starring Telly Savalas and Lee Van Cleef.  Don't be fooled!  Lee ain't in it!


  1. Crime Boss starring Telly Savalas and Lee Van Cleef even made it into some the Leonard Maltin type film list books back in the mid 70's and 80's which eventually led me to think I had missed something. Finally I found a VHS copy which had Lee pictured on the cover with Telly but LEE WASN'T IN IT!!!! And either I saw a butchered version or this movie, Crime Boss, is very bad. Hard to believe Telly did it. It's worse than those Scotia International films that were shot quickly and back to back in Spain in the early 70's (Captain Apache, Town Called Hell, Bad Man's River, Pancho Villa etc etc) Captain Apache is probably the best of that bunch.