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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day of Anger Trailers

Presented here are 3 trailers for Day of Anger. Classic spaghetti western action, and a great trio of trailers. LVC in top form! 

"The weapon that's gonna kill me hasn't been invented yet"

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  1. Here in the United States Day of Anger was a Lee Van Cleef film. In Italy Guliano Gemma gets top billing. When I saw the film new in 1969 at a downtown movie theater, I wasn't expecting that. Only Lee Van Cleef had major billing on the trailer I saw and all the newspaper ads and one sheets at the theater. But when the film began, Gemma's name was first and I thought "WTF!!". I had not heard of him before and realised Gemma must be a big star in Italy to get billing at the point in a SW over Lee Van Cleef. After checking, I discovered Gemma was a major star in Italy. As big as John Wayne or Eastwood were here.