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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Armed Response - Poster Gallery

Here is a look at a few posters from the 1986 feature, Armed Response.  This is arguably Lee's last decent role.  His crusty Burt Roth character is the highlight of the movie.


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  1. I was visiting a friend in New York City when this film came out in 1986. I went to see it in Manhattan and oddly, the theater was below ground. After buying my ticket, I went downstairs and the entire theater was down there below the sidewalk. I was expecting a subway to come crashing through the screen at any moment. Liked the film and Lee is very good. Lee's next film, The Commander, is okay and Lee is really good in it too especially the scene where he poisons a guy. Lee at his nasty best! But I think Aaron is right. Armed Response was the last film Lee was in that, to me, is a good film. The Commander is just average or just below average and same with Thieves of Fortune.