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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Location: Tabernas - Salt Flats

Very near the location of the Apache Camp from El Condor, lies the salt flats that Chavez stakes Luke and Jaroo to.  I imagine the "salt" was added by production, but the rest of the location remains the same.

Jaroo and Luke

The soldiers tie up their horses

Jaroo's approximate location

Below is an interesting tidbit from the El Condor pressbook on the filming of this scene-

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  1. I remember discovering from checking a variety of newspapers at the library this film was opening about 80 miles away from the city in which I was living a week earlier. I came up with an excuse to get off work early and made the trip. I remember Lee was first seen with a bottle of booze turned up and someone nearby said "there he is". This was an American film shot in Spain and it was interesting seeing great shots of the area in the movie. I saw places I had seen in previous Spaghetti Westerns and new scenery. Lee transitioned into a different type. More like Tuco than Colonel Mortimer. I enjoyed the film and with the one, two of Barquero and El Condor, figured Lee has followed Clint by moving into American films. But his next 3 films were European. I saw Lee on the Dick Cavett show and Dick showed a clip from El Condor with Lee and Patrick O'Neal in the big gold vault. Captain Kangaroo also was on the show. Lee smoked a couple of cigarettes using a black cigarette holder similar to President Roosevelt's. And he told Dick he was at a point he wanted to try new things with his career. Lee mentioned he wanted to do some comedy films and always wanted to star in his own TV series.