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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Location: Tabernas - Ryan's Rocks

Once released from Prison in Death Rides a Horse, Ryan must get rid of the two men following him.  Instead of shooting them (in typical LVC fashion), he opts to trick them into thinking he is camped out at the rocks of this location (smoke!), and when they get off their horses to investigate, he loosens their saddles so they slide right off the horse.  Tricky stuff!  

This sequence was shot in one of the many ramblas of the Tabernas desert.

Ryan lures the men in with his campfire

These gigantic rocks are gone!

Ryan approaches the horses to loosen the saddles

Ryan rides off as the men discover him

Also shot in this location, Chato's Land starring Charles Bronson and Jack Palance.

Jack Palance

Charles Bronson

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  1. The rocks and mountains haven't changed in 51 years. I enjoy the photos vs screen shots.