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Saturday, August 18, 2018

eBay Watch: Commandos Original VHS Artwork

From time to time I will post interesting items that I see on eBay that would be of interest to a LVC fan. These are not endorsements of the sellers, just merely my observations of interesting or rare items.

This week there is an original piece of LVC artwork commissioned in 1987 for a VHS release of Commandos for Heritage Entertainment.  I cannot find any evidence thus far that this tape with this artwork was ever released.

Item has a "Buy it Now" of $349.00, and also an option for "Make Offer"


Item Description-

The dimensions are approximately 20" by 30" and signed by Greg Winters. The painting is on premium art board and overall is in great condition aside from some wear around the edges and old tape residue.  
Greg Winters has been a freelance illustrator since graduating from UC Berkeley and then Art Center College in 1982.  
He has done the movie posters and product art for numerous movies including Gremlins 1 & 2, Witches, The Goonies, Hook, Back to the Future and many others.


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