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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Mean Frank and Crazy Tony - Spanish Lobby Cards

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  1. One of Lee's best post Leone/leading man films. Too bad it didn't get a decent release in America as it's a well acted, well directed and well photographed film. And too bad in the wake of Escape From New York it was rearranged and edited as Escape From Death Row and became about the only version available in the 1980s on VHS. The film was ruined by cuts and some switching of scenes and replacing the supporting cast with co-stars James Lane and I think something like Barbara Moore who don't actually appear in the film of course and may not even be historical but mythological persons. What a sorry way for those responsible for Escape From New York to make a buck. Just as sleazy as the people who edited together two episodes of Rawhide and released it in Europe as the latest film starring Clint Eastwood. Clint sued and won. It's trying to make a buck by cheating people!