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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Day of Anger - Lobby Cards

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  1. Those look great and just how I remember them when the film opened at a downtown theatre in November 1969. I was very excited as this was Lee's 5th Italian western to come out in a little over 2 years; since FAFDM was released in May 1967. I studied the ads, saw the trailer and some TV spots and Lee seemed to be starring alone this time but to my big surprise, Guiliano Gemma was billed first when the movie began
    I had never heard of him. Later found out from a promotional guy at National General Gemma was a huge star in Italy and the film was a huge hit in it's home country and set box office records in some Italian towns. But Gemma is not well known in English speaking countries and National General bought the release rights for certain countries from the producers and decided to promote only Lee as he was a know leading man in America now from previous Italian westerns. Since Lee was in the film it seemed as much as Gemma I decided it probably wasn't a trick move to decieve the public like editing two Rawhide episodes together and calling it The latest Eastwood film. Or ehat they did to Mean Frank after Escape from NY became a hit. BTW Clint sued and the film that was actually two Rawhide episodes was pulled.