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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Day of Anger 50th Anniversary Blu-Ray Announced (Germany)

Coming to blu-ray on 2/2/2018 in Germany is the 50th anniversary edition of Day of Anger.  While the US received a spectacular release in 2015, this will be the first European blu-ray release of the film, and the first German language blu-ray.

Extras look to be the same as the US disc, so no need to upgrade if you already have it.


  • Speech / Sound: German DTS-HD (mono), Italian PCM (mono), English PCM (mono) 
  • Picture format: 2.35: 1 (1080p) 
  • Subtitles: German, English 
  • Running time: 114 min.


  • Extensive booklet 
  • Interviews with director Tonino Valerii, scriptwriter Ernesto Gastaldi, film critic Roberto Curti
  • Deleted Scene 
  • German movie trailer

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