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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Day of Anger - Italian Lobby Posters

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  1. These Italian lobby cards makes it clear who the star of the film is. In the US National General promoted the film with Lee as the star or first billed and that was the case with Big Gundown and Death Rides A Horse. So when the film finally arrived in November 1969 at a downtown theater, I was there when the doors opened. I was surprised and a bit taken back when the credits began and I saw this strange actor's face trading the screen with Lee's face the the name Guiliano Gemma appeared then Lee Van Cleef. I liked the film but rushed to the library afterwards to do some research. No internet then. I discovered Gemma was one of the top box office stars in Italy and understood why he had first billing. But Gemma didn't get any promotion in the US. Just Lee. Gemma and a few others have their names in small print on the US posters.