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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Stranger and Gunfighter Coming to Blu-Ray! (Spain)

Technically, it came out on Jan 7th, but I cannot find any reviews or any information at all!  Based on the specs I have seen, it is Region B locked, and that's all I know. This is put out by the same company that released Bad Man's River last September.

I am very interested in seeing the quality of the print, as there is only a so-so widescreen DVD released. I know the Blood Money version of the film was recently screened in HD.  I've ordered my copy, so a review will be forthcoming!

amazon.es order link


  1. 8 EUR? What an amazingly cheap price! I wonder what the quality is like...

  2. Notice the picture on the side of the box is from Good, Bad and Ugly. I think Bad Man's River has NO English soundtrack so I wonder if this is the same? This is the first of SIX films Lee made with Dawson directing. It was shot in Spain and of all places for a western, Hong Kong. But it has a martial arts side to it too. Let's see..the others directed by Dawson are "Take A Hard Ride", "The Squeeze", "Codename: Wild Geese" (also partly shot in Hong Kong), "Jungle Raiders" and "The Commander". As Lee got into the last years of his career and life, it seems Anthony M. Dawson was key in getting Lee income and work. Also there is the actor Anthony Dawson who played "four aces" in Death Rides a Horse and in 1953, the man Ray Milland black-mailed to kill his wife (Grace Kelly) in Alfred Hitchcock's Dial M for Murder.