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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Death Rides a Horse - Poster Gallery

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  1. Funny how the supported gun hand belongs to Lee on most of the posters but to John Phillip Law on the Japanese one. But it looks a bit alien to him as he dreamingly gazes into whatever he gazes into. But at least they got the hat right, the flat hat belongs to another film altogether. The last one is the most dynamic one, it must be from Belgium, n'est-ce pas? With the French and the Dutch? But to my mind Ryan isn't the openly aggressive type and I wouldn't have recognized Bill on the picture. And I wonder where the Spanish and English poster painting people (it's the same pic) saw all the ladies they put on the poster... And I wonder in what language they spell Lees name Li van Hlif. The Italian ones are closest to the movie, but it is funny to see a poster with the heroes in the pouring rain.

    Thanks for sharing, Aaron, it always is fun to explore into the minds of the artists.

    By the way, what language is Kosto odottaa????

  2. By the way, it is quite interesting to see that the Japanese title puts this film in one line with FAFDM (The gunman in the evening sun) and GBU (The gunman in the evening sun: the sequel) by calling it "The new gunman in the evening sun".

  3. "Kosto odottaa" is the name of the movie in finnish.