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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Blu-ray Update: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly - Corrected Mono

The much maligned 4k restoration of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, has now had it's proper original mono soundtrack restored on the new standalone version of the film available now.  It is suspected that future versions of "The Man With No Name" collection will have the updated disc with the correct mono.  Previous versions had a mono downmix of the new 5.1 track.

The image quality still looks like piss.  Literally.



  1. Bravo.
    When will they release it correctly?
    We also need the Cut Cinema Version of that Movie on Blu Ray! It is much better because the changes of the voices are awful.

  2. What we got in 2003 I really like even with the changes of the voices because we have the film Sergio Leone made and released in Italy and Spain but the suites at United Artists wanted it cut way down so they could start it over every 2 hours. They would let David Lean get by with long movies in 1966 but not Sergio Leone. Eli Wallah said Leone was furious. But I get you point. If I could understand Italian, I would watch it in Italian. You have the entire movie with the cut scenes for the English version there and it's an Italian film. So that is the cold standard I suppose. The original Italian version. Too bad they just didn't dub the movie and not do the cuts. They even cut one scene in which the star of the movie appears. Talking about Clint Eastwood of course and Lee is IN that scene too! And according to Eli Wallach, they did the butchering before they sent the working copy to New York for dubbing so when he, Clint and Lee showed up in New York to dub in English, that is when they discovered the film has been cut way down to under 2 hours and they wouldn't be dubbing all their scenes after all. If they had dubbed THEN cut, then when the original length (Italian) version was released on DVD, the original voices would have been in the vault. So it became problematic to have the movie run like the Italian version because Clint and Eli were older and their voices were different and a voice actor had to be hired for Lee's voice. But I'm still glad they did it as I enjoy the film more with all the scenes Leone put in place for his movie..IN the movie.