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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Captain Apache - NY Times Movie Review - October 1971


  1. In my area, I think it was 1971, both of those films played as new features at the drive inn. I went of course to see Lee. Scotia International, if I remember, was based in London, and released several SW type films make in quick succession in Spain. Another has Chuck Conners in the cast. Yet another was Bad Man's River and it was shot just after Captain Apache but didn't show up in my area until it played at the drive inn in 1974. I've read that Lee ask to do the singing in Captain Apache because he of course noticed that his buddies Clint Eastwood and Lee Marvin sang in Paint Your Wagon so he wanted to sing too. The sessions took place in Madrid, Spain. And I'm pretty sure this is the same time Lee recorded other songs that were released on 45rpm records for his vast fan clubs in Europe. Lee had become a major top 10 box office star in Europe by then and now known around the world. Here in the states, I have a hunch that Lee is better known today than ever due to the internet and DVD releases.

  2. Last sentence true words Bob.