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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Mean Frank and Crazy Tony - Spanish Pressbook

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  1. This is a good film. Lee's acting is very good. Tony is very interesting in his part but does kinda remind me of an Italian version of Burt Reynolds at times. The direction is crisp & fast & the film sports a very decent truck/car chase which is well done as the cross the Italian/French border. The trimmed & odd version "Escape from Death Row" is on YouTube but his a scratchy print but watchable. Lee is the only one who is billed in the re-cut apparently to cash in on the success of "Escape From New York". Tony & all the rest including the director have new names in the film & apparently the names of people who don't exist. So I don't get that. This film did very good box office in Italy, Spain, France & German & understandably so as it is one of Lee's better films as a leading man. Lee's work in the well & fast paced film is excellent. This Italian/French co-production should have been a vehicle for Lee to have done other crime/action pictures in Europe & in the U. S. as a leading man. Lee certainly proved he could handle it with the best of them. Again Lee Van Cleef is excellent in this film. I enjoy watching how he handles every scene. His facial expressions, the way he moves, says his lines, breaths, all seem to be well thought out by Lee to make his character not only believable but hard & tough as nails. Take a look (with apologies for the bad print & cut scenes) at Escape from Death Row on YouTube. It's Lee Van Cleef at his best!! Thanks Aaron for the French info. I can't read French but since it was about Lee, I enjoyed reading it anyway. So much so I read it all twice.

  2. I saw this on Face Book timeline first and I thought that the Tony Musante picture was Lee. My initial reaction was, "That's looks nothing like Lee Van Cleef!!"
    My one concern is that they made Lee's eyes BLUE!!
    They were BROWN!!
    I love this Aaron, this is really cool stuff. If you don't mind, I might share some of these on my Face Book page on Lee.