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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Commandos - Spanish Pressbook

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  1. Interesting that the script for the title is very close to that of For A Few Dollars More & this site!! This was Lee's first film on the 1960's which wasn't a western. And the ONLY film which wasn't a western. Lee didn't do nearly as many films in the 1960's as he did in the 1950's but starting in 1965 with he so called move to Europe, he did films as a leading man. Commandos never got a theatrical release in the United States even thou it did pretty good box office in Italy when it was released in late 1968. For a while I thought I was never going to see it & wondered if it even got an English language dub. But it finally debuted here in the states, as far as I know it was the debut, on the CBS late movie about 8 years AFTER it was shot. I enjoyed the film & have noticed people commenting on IMDb that they took a chance & bought the film in the bargain bin at some store on DVD and was pleased that it is a decent war film with good action in the finale. Also the film seems to have been shot entirely in Italy. Lee once said he had an apartment in Rome during the time films in Europe were coming his way fast & furious. I would imagine the stretch from Death Rides A Horse, Day of Anger, A TV Special on Italian TV with Lee saying his few lines in Italian, Beyond the Law & Commandos which ran from 1967 into 1968 with little time between projects is the period of time he is taking about. Plus he had to get to New York City by the spring of 1968 to loop Big Gundown for it's U. S. release in August of 1968. Then Sabata began shooting in Spain & Italy in late 1968 & the next year, 1969, Lee starred in Barquero, which was the first time Lee had top billing in a U. S. production. The film was shot in Colorado on location.