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Saturday, June 21, 2014

God's Gun - Poster Gallery

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  1. This movie needs to be restored & re-dubbed. They should hire the man who did Lee's voice (Prescott?) in the scenes in Good, Bad & Ugly that were cut out for the English version & before they looped it in New York. Hopefully he is still with us. I still remember being so disappointed about this film after thinking with the cast it would be another For A Few Dollars More or Big Gundown, when I read the interview with Richard Boone apparently done while the film was still being finished in Israel. As we all know, Dick Boone trashed the film & the director in print & even admitted he told them to shove it & walked off without finishing his scenes. I never heard if they sued him for that. I'm sure they had a case if Boone had already signed a contract. I thought only women walked off a movie set. i.e. Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Marilyn Monroe. Lee was more diplomatic about it. He said in an interview that there were some films after his so-called European move that didn't go well & he would just ignore the director & direct himself & cut out lines & I think he said once he had to tell them how to set up for the scene as they had it all wrong.

  2. Didn't Lee refuse to come back and dub his own voice because of the way Richard Boone was treated?

  3. Alan Van Cleef posted on the web board of this site several years ago that his father didn't do his own voice because he wasn't paid. Another person did some research on the film & it's problems & reported the original director was fired & the Sabata director was brought in to save the film & the original director was the guy Boone walked on & slammed in the press when he returned to the U. S. I saw the interview & Boone never mentioned the director's name. Just said he was an idiot & would not listen so he (Boone) walked off the set & quit mid-stream & that this film was going to be the worst western ever made. Supposedly the producers considered shelving the film... then decided to release it but refused to invest anymore money & that is why Lee was not paid to loop it in English so he didn't do it. Some think it IS Jack Palance's voice on the soundtrack, but to me, some of the lines sound like someone trying to imitate Jack's voice. The person they picked (apparently for a lot less money) to do Lee's voice didn't come close so it hurts the film when seen in English if you're use to hearing Lee's voice when he is one screen.