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Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Squeeze - Poster Gallery

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  1. This film was released in the United States about 1981. I think it was shot in New York & New Jersey in 1978. But it is an Italian film. I finally got to see it on VHS in the early 1980's as "The Squeeze" & the video box looked like the first poster. The film is pretty good & got a good review in Variety. In a few other reviews Karen Black was accused of overacting in the film but that, to me, is just one person's opinion. Miss Black, who recenlty passed away, was an interesting actress to me. Lionel Stander (in the cast of the TV show Hart to Hart) is interesing in this film. 10 years earlier Stander co-starred with Lee in "Beyond the Law" an Italian western. Edward Albert was Eddie Albert's son. Oddly Edward died in his late 50's while his father of Green Acres fame lived to his late 90's. Anyway this is one of Lee's better films so see it if you can.