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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Location: Sad Hill - The Trio

Part 3 of 3 on Sad Hill from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.
The great Sad Hill standoff ring is no longer presently visible for the most part as vegetation has grown over the rocks of the once great stone circle.  however, the rocks that do remain shine brightly in the sun, a reminder that they are not natural to this environment.
Click photos below to enlarge.
The remains of the inner ring
 Tuco and Blondie standoff locations

Angel Eyes standoff location
The barren landscape of the circle indicates that many of the rocks are still buried beneath the grass.

Of course the most famous scene in the movie is the showdown between the three men as they compete for the gold.  It was quite an experience to be able to stand at these locations, nearly 50 years after Eli, Lee, and Clint were there!

Showdown below.  Click to enlarge!

 The Good

The Bad
 The Ugly

This is the spot where Angel Eyes goes down (rocks mark the edge of the ring)

And with that I have concluded the tour of Spain.  Next week, I'll do a wrap up with a few more photos, and close the book on this incredible journey!


  1. This is just awesome Aaron. I notice that the tree that stood behind Tuco is gone. I assumed it was the same tree that Blondie had Tuco tied up to before his exit from the scene.

    1. I assume the tree was put in for the movie. All the other trees in the area are of a different variety.

  2. The rust-coloured shrubs look pretty much like heather, don't you think? That would be in tune with poor soil and sunny climate...

  3. The trees are a bit different know & some are not there. What was left behind by Leone probably was picked over & taken years ago. But the mountans, of course, look exactly the same. No change at all. Wonder if Clint & Eli know about the sign at the entrance? For someone like me (us) this is like visiting the place where Lee surrendered to Grant or a place where George Washington or Marilyn Monroe slept. Very, very historical. Was it George or Marilyn who chopped down the cherry tree while singing "Diamonds are a girls best friend"?

  4. thanks for great work

  5. Thanks for these, Aaron. This was fun!

  6. I love the attention to detail you took to pinpoint the exact locations of everything... The "then and now" comparisions are SPOT ON! Excellent!