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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Location: Sad Hill - Entrance to the Cemetery

Roughly a 500 mile drive north of Almeria, is Burgos, and it is within this area Sergio Leone filmed much of the last half of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.  The locations included the prisoner war camp, the battle of Langstone Bridge, and of course Sad Hill Cemetery.

While sadly I did not get to the prisoner war camp or Langstone Bridge locations (although I probably drove by them), my main objective was to get to Sad Hill, the fictitious cemetery which is the location of the gold and center of the final shootout.

As this is such an important location, this will be a multipart series.

There are a few ways to get the Sad Hill.  My first attempt via my GPS was not successful as I did not an all terrain vehicle on the trip!  After doubling back and getting lost in Conterras, I found my way there by just using satellite images.

Once leaving Conterras and taking the dirt rode to the location I came across the remains of the cart below.  Possibly something left over from filming? 

cart on the road to Sad Hill

Once arriving (finally!) at the location, the site is marked by two signs.  One that marks the entrance to the location of Sad Hill (put up by Tuco Tours I believe), and a cement sculpture of Clint near the base.  No LVC sculpture, but at least he is mentioned on the sign!


Once parked I could see the road I just traveled on was the same path that Blondie and Tuco arrived at Sad Hill on.

1966 and 2013


Before we go in, let's take a look at Sad Hill from above.  Below are a few pics of Sad Hill from the road above.  While the grave markers are all long gone, the mounds have grown over with a reddish brush, which makes the original circular shape of the cemetery unmistakable. 

Click to enlarge.

Sad Hill from space!

Next week, The Ecstasy of Gold!


  1. Fantastic!! I can't think of another film that used that location. I remember Eastwood saying when the Spanish captain was given the honor to blow up the bridge but he did it before Sergio had any cameras rolling, the Spanish army felt so badly they told Sergio they would rebuild the bridge. Oh and Eastwood said when it happened, Leone turned "blood red" & said every cuss word he knew in Italian & French as he was so mad. Well while they were rebuilding the bridge, Eastwood said they went down to Almeria for 3 weeks for some shooting & he said back in those days it was not only a long trip but the roads were very bad so it was a tough journey. Probably another reason Eastwood turned down Once Upon A Time in the West & was ready to get back to the United States & see what he could get going as a leading man there.

  2. Aaron, this is so freakin' great!!
    I love the over head views.

  3. I'm always fascinated by how the vegetation and landscape changes in ways great and small over the years. Thanks Aaron. You're doing a great job with this series, and the blog! Lee would be pleased, I bet.

  4. return to Sad Hill (07/2014) in my blog...

  5. hi,

    How did you get there..? did you rent a car and if so where and for how much..??

    I plan to go there next year and all information will be greatly appreciated,


  6. Fantastic to have this insight. I'm booked to go to Burgos in April 2016, and in 2 weeks I'll be seeing Ennio Morricone at the O2 in concert! 3rd row from front. Bit keen aren't I!!? Well done for all this. Would like to know how to get to the area of Sad Hill.

    Kevin "NudGun".