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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly - Trailers

US Trailer

French Trailer

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  1. Yes the French trailer used a few shots not in the complete film that we in the United States didn't get until the 2003 DVD. It's very interesting. Wonder who cut that trailer? Leone?

    In the original Italian release, the billing is (in English) the Good, the Ugly & The Bad. Plus Eli Wallach offically has second billing in this film & Lee Van Cleef had third. Apparently and Italian trailer was used by United Artists & they didn't care enough about the film to double check the trailer after they decided to changed the name of the film. So Lee gets billed as The Ugly & Eli the Bad in the trailer. Next Columbia Pictures, when releasing The Big Gundown, apparently didn't do anything more than look at the GB&U trailer so the Big Gundown trailer is telling us "Mr. Ugly is coming to town!". Wish those films were treated with the care & respect for being classic films then. They were not. Even most credits trash them in the papers. And Sergio Leone didn't rate beans in the states then. If he had the respect he has now, like a David Lean, then his films wouldn't have been butchered to get them below 2 hours in length. I found out Good, Bad & Ugly has been cut & cut some more when Steve Nelson, a friend of mine, was in the Navy & he saw the film in a little seaside town in Italy & told me it was surprising how much of the Italian version was missing in the English version. Even key scenes were cut out.