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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Location: Los Albaricoques - The Road to Agua Caliente

"Here we are.  That's Agua Caliente.  Yes I have many friends here.  It looks just like a morgue... but look out, it could be one so easily"
Another instantly recognizable location from For a Few Dollars More is the road to Agua Caliente where Indio challenges Monco to ride into town alone.  I know LVC wasn't in this scene, but Gian Maria Volonte owns this scene, and I think his performance is on par with LVC throughout the film (sorry Clint!).
The scene was filmed just outside of Los Albaricoques, and it is truly a road that leads into the town, mind you the main road into the town is paved!

the road is a little rougher these days!
 As you can see, the road is unchanged, but there have been developments beyond
Below are some additional pics of the road and surrounding area.  Like many Spaghetti Western icons (including LVC!), Gian Maria Volonte gets this road named after him. 
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  1. Great shots Aaron. It's changed but still it's the same. It's in Fistfull of Dollars, Day of Anger & El Condor & many, many more. A scene in "Patton" with George C. Scott might be here. Looks like it.

    Anybody heard Clint Eastwood say anything about Gian Maria Volonte? I imagine Clint was okay with him..but John Wayne would HAVE WALKED OFF THE SET & REFUSED TO WORK!! Volonte was a communist & far lefty with his politics. He died in 1994 at age 61. Also Volonte was probably the first actor to smoke Marijuana in a western movie. Guess John Wayne could have done that either! "Alright Duke in this next scene we want you to light up this joint".

    1. Volonte is a fascinating character. While I have only thus far seen his western performances, he is an actor of great aclaim in Italy for his many other roles. If you buy the Bullet for the General bluray, there is a 2 hour documentary devoted to his life included.

  2. Which is the road that showed LVC riding off into the sunset at the end of FAF$M? Or is that particular road at this site?
    And just what is that little dome shaped structure in the last picture here?
    Don't tell me it's an out house!

  3. A hogan! For all the Navajos who typically inhabit the area... ;)

  4. The road that Lee rides away on is at the opposite side of the village where the dueling ring is located.