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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Location: Mini Hollywood - Saloon / Mortimer's Hotel

Within the theme park of Mini Hollywood, the town built for For a Few Dollars More, there are only a handful of original buildings still standing.  The town saloon is probably best know to LVC fans as the location of Col. Mortimer's hotel and the saloon when he lights the match on poor Wilds neck.  LVC would appear here again as Angel Eyes in The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, where he gains information from the "half soldier". 

1965 vs 2013 
front of the saloon
The famous The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly publicity pose, and today 

The interior of the saloon has changed since the days of Leone.  Gone is the staircase that LVC descends in For a Few Dollars More, to make way for the can-can stage.  The bar is in the same location, but has been extended.

Additional interior pics below.  Click to enlarge.




  1. Damn, someone knock some sense into me! After all these years, I never noticed that this hotel was the same building that Lee and Half Soldier had their little conversation about the Fresh Young Whore.
    I have no idea why this didn't dawn on me!
    The new interior is really nice. Do they put on floor shows there Aaron?
    Oh how I wiish I could see this in person.

  2. Great pictures! As Eli Wallach said "southern Spain is very western". Hey Alanna. When Lee finishes with the "half soldier" he walks over to a stage coach & tells a woman in the coach that people with ropes around their necks don't always hang..you can tell he is in Mini Hollywood. Then he rides off to visit "the fresh young whore in the territory" and when he arrives it's dark but isn't it the same town again?