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Saturday, April 13, 2013

eBay Watch: Return of Sabata - ORIGINAL Spanish Herald 1972

From time to time I will post interesting items that I see on eBay that would be of interest to a LVC fan. These are not endorsements of the sellers, just merely my observations of interesting or rare items.

This is a pretty neat "Return of Sabata" item, or in this case "Texas, 1870"!

For sale is an ORIGINAL vintage Spanish herald. Through-out Spain, cinemas would present these heralds to patrons to promote both their cinema and the film. At times they may have printed information on the back side with the name of the cinema and play dates for the current presentation or upcoming releases. Generally US films were not released in foreign countries at the same time they were released in the US. It could be months or even years before its first release in a foreign country. Because of the political situation in Spain at the end of the 1930's and into the war years, some films were not released until after the war and then not immediately. This practice continues to the present. Unfortunately mail delivery from Canada to the USA takes longer than US domestic shipping. Please take this into consideration when waiting for the item(s) that you have purchased. Thank you. This ORIGINAL vintage paper stock herald is approximately 4-1/4 x 5-3/4 inches. Included in the cast for this 1971 Italy, France West German film that was not released until 1972 are Reiner SchoneAnnabella Incontrera, Pedro Sanchez & Gianni Rizzo. The director is Frank Kramer / Gianfranco Parolini. Original Italian title "E Tornato Sabata...Hai Chiuso un'Altra Volta". 

Happy Hunting!

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