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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

1980's "Unknown" Candids

Here are some candids I found around the net from the 1980's.  No idea when or where they were taken... hence... unknown!


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  1. I think I've seen the top one before but not sure. I think it may be some people who ran into Lee at breakfast (even though there is a glass of beer it seems..David Carridine said Lee had beer for breakfast) & it's in Manilla. I think Lee was there shooting "Jungle Raiders". Another story from apparently the same hotel was from actor John Hart who was also working in the area on a film & staying at the same hotel & he said when he started up the steps he noticed Lee Van Cleef coming down the steps & Lee glanced at him & he could tell Lee knew who is was so he threw up his hand & Lee ran over and grabbed him & have Hart a big hug. Hart said "remember I told you back in 1952 when you were doing a Lone Ranger to hang in there, that you had what it takes to make a good living working before a camera". He said it made a tear come in Lee's eye & that Lee was always one of the nice guys he (Hart) had met working in TV & film. As you may remember, Clayton Moore told the producer of The Lone Ranger that the show was big now so he needs more money to continue & the producer fired him on the spot & hired John Hart to play the Lone Ranger. After the 1952/53 season, the producer & Moore settled their differences & Hart was let go. Jay Silverhills played Tonto with Hart but Hart said the producer was so cheap that they made him wear Moore's Lone Ranger outfit & it was too big for him & some people noticed it on TV. They also made Hart wear a larger mask so as to hide more of his face.