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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Grand Duel Coming to DVD

Here is a strange new upcoming release by Blue Underground.  Grand Duel on DVD.  From an HD master.  List price is $14.99.

Now why spend $15 on a DVD when you can get the Blu-ray for about $5 (which also includes Keoma)?  The only thing this DVD offers that the Blu-ray does not is a commentary by journalists C. Courtney Joyner and Henry Parke.  Who? ...exactly...


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  1. Yes Aaron. I would rather have the blue ray AND it's cheaper. This is one ITALIAN western that was shot entirely IN Italy! I remember when it was being shot in 1972 or just after, a full page ad for it was placed in Variety magazine (newspaper) but the title was "Showdown at High Noon". Grand Duel was the title when I finally saw it. It played in 1975 as a first run feature at a local drive inn. But the title "GRAND DUEL" was edited into the film's titles. The titles were in red and it was a crawl from right to left..but when it was time for the title, it was a complete cut to what looked like a slide in different colors which also stopped the action on the screen. Then it cut back to the action with the crawling "red" credits moving from right to left at the bottom. It sure looked as if the title of the film was changed or it was in another language so they had to insert it for the English version.