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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Codename: Wildgeese - Press Photos

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  1. Lee Van Cleef landed a part in this film just after The Master TV series was canceled. When Lee was on The Today Show promoting The Master he said between seasons one & two, he was going to make a "comedy" western titled "Spaghetti Western" which will make fun of the genre. Clearly one never knows what is going to happen when you're an actor as Lee said in an interview. Lee said you know really know you are going to do something until you are on the set with a script in your hand & the camera's start rolling. There is NO second season of The Master, and as far as I know, "Spaghetti Western" was never shot.

    I saw this film at a theatre first run about 1986. Not a lot of people there & it ran just one week but I thought it was a pretty good film.