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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

God's Gun Photos

Often described as one of LVC's lesser westerns (along with Kid Vengeance), God's Gun offered Lee the opportunity to play dual roles (brothers), and even had the opportunity to share the screen with himself!

The production of God's Gun has often been described as a disaster.  Richard Boone walked off the set and did not return.  The original director was replaced by Sabata director Frank Kramer.  Lee didn't even dub his own voice!

The music was catchy... Download the End Title Music HERE

Below are pictures of the brothers, LVC!


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  1. When I read about this movie being made, yes it was odd it was being shot in Israel, but it starred Lee, Jack Palance & Richard Boone..all of whom have the chops & have turned in excellent performances in many films...I was expecting this to be better than the Leone films.

    Then I read what Richard Boone said about the film and the director being a complete idiot and fool and that he walked off the set & refused to finish his part. Ouch! Knew it was in trouble. But they finished it and it finally came out and I went to see it and Lee didn't something he said a few earlier that he would never do and that is not make himself available for English dubbing in Italian films which do not do the sound on the set life like they do in American films. Some other guy did Lee's voice which, to me, made the film even worse. I guess this could have been one of Lee's better films but someone (or some people) really dropped the ball. And unlike Richard Boone, Jack Palance & Lee Van Cleef stuck with it & didn't walk out. It may be Jack's voice on it too but I'm not certain.

    Great pictures from the film here.